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Business class in commercial law.
Business class
in commercial law.

Safeguarding business secrets.

Of course you trust your employees and this is justified in most cases. However, we have had a different experience.

What can you do when employees pass on information to the competition? One of your managers or even the entire team decide to go freelance? Your well-kept secrets are suddenly coursing through the market? Or a copycat product becomes available?

We know your rights. And the answers to the most important questions: How can evidence be taken? Is it advisable to report the offence to the authorities? What is the fastest way to push prohibitory injunctions through? Do you have the right to claim damages? Are there any deadlines?

When each day brings new and irreversible damage and immediate, decisive action is required, you should call in experts. Our team is there to support you in this difficult time. So that your hard-won success does not fall by the wayside. 

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