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Business class in commercial law.
Business class
in commercial law.

The foundation of success for your business: perfect contracts.

Drafting and reviewing contracts and business terms and conditions are among the core competencies of a corporate law firm. However, the LEGASUS approach goes beyond the classic consulting approach.

Do you have an overview of how many different contracts regulate and define the legal relationships inside your company? And do you know the risks that are lurking in the contracts with your clients?

If not, then you are in good hands with LEGASUS. This is because our primary goal as advisors is bringing order and structure to your firm’s contracts. This is how we meet the most important requirement for professional contract management: transparency.

On this basis we analyse the major risks in your contracts. And develop realistic and attainable strategies for your legally secure contract structure. Along with this we also offer efficient and fairly priced in-house training for your marketing staff and your purchasing department.

The LEGASUS approach to contracts: gain a clear overview, analyse risks, develop improvement strategies and implement these. For secure contract structure in your company.


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