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Business class in commercial law.
Business class
in commercial law.

Select issues from our consultation portfolio.

Shareholder dispute

Dealing with shareholder disputes is one of LEGASUS’s special competencies. Almost no other issue in corporate law is as complex and sensitive as conflicts among business partners. Downtime threatens the entire company – not only during stalemates – and harms everyone involved.

The LEGASUS success factors are therefore especially important: extensive experience in this area, excellent professional competencies in corporate law, strategic and conceptual solution methods and professional negotiations. Only seasoned consultants can cope with these matters successfully.

Place your trust in our corporate law experts and their experience when disputes arise among you and your partners.

Furthermore, professional consultation begins with us composing a conflict-proof partnership agreement for you.

Essential for managing directors

A successful business, good clients, satisfied employees. And a solid director services contract in case there is ever trouble.

- LEGASUS drafts legally sound director services contracts in case of emergency.

- We take care of legal matters for you so that you can concentrate on your business.

- We support you when there are disputes or if the partnership breaks up.

Making decisions when formality matters

There are times when partner decisions can no longer be made casually or while waiving all formalities and deadlines. Or simply signing what the tax advisor has prepared for the tax office. This is when formalities make their return.

Many questions then arise: Is the agenda worded correctly? Have the deadlines been calculated correctly? Is registered post appropriate? Am I even allowed to invite members? Who should lead the meeting? Am I allowed to have my lawyer present? What happens if I am ill that day? Is the draft resolution phrased correctly?

When formality is of utmost concern, a professional must be called – because errors in a draft resolution are much more than just annoying, they are often embarrassing, expensive and irreversible.

LEGASUS commercial lawyers have prepared, led and conducted many shareholders’ meetings. They can advise and coach you correctly on matters of formality – but without formality, rather with feeling for your situation, with a keen eye on your goals and with the unconditional will to be successful for you.

Formation package

We are fond of new things, which is why we love supporting company founders.

We advise and support you when founding a company. In 3 steps at 1 price.

1. Finding the right company structure:

What type of company structure is most appropriate for you and your business? What are the advantages and disadvantages concerning legal matters and taxation? This is where the stage is set.

2. Start with a professional partnership agreement and director services contract:

A standard form from the notary public or as found online is rarely adequate. We explain which clauses are important and what they mean. This is where the foundation is laid.

3. Founding your company quickly and simply:

We organise a consultation with the notary public and support you with authentication and organisational issues – bank, commercial register, tax office, business licence and much more. It really goes without saying that we protect you from unexpected costs such as dubious business practices of phony industry registers.


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