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Business class in commercial law.
Business class
in commercial law.

On par with the leasing company.

Every day we find that lessees underestimate the risks of their leasing contracts. When there is a dispute, they have quite a rude awakening.

We know the traps that are hidden in the fine print. Have you already had trouble with your leasing company? Your contract was terminated? You are subject to horrendous indemnity claims? We can support you and professionally represent your interests, even in a court of law.

Leasing law is more complicated than is generally thought. Only those who undergo continual further training and know the latest developments in jurisdiction can brave well-established leasing companies in legal battles with success. We have represented large manufacturer-specific leasing companies in the automotive sector for years and therefore know how you can successfully defend yourself against unjustified demands.

It is worthwhile betting on true leasing experts.


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