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Business class in commercial law.
Business class
in commercial law.

We support you. Even in court. Place your trust in our experience.

Disputes among firms can usually be resolved without going to court – indeed they usually wish to continue to work together. However, the dispute becomes more serious when business relationships break up and one side feels aggrieved. And sometimes a lawsuit or an interim injunction can even move deadlocked negotiations along.

The LEGASUS commercial lawyers support you successfully, even when your case goes to court. They offer decades of experience from hundreds of lawsuits from all over Germany. We make a point of developing a clear strategy together with you – even in court cases. And explain the development of the dispute in a way you can understand. You can expect to have a realistic prospect analysis at every level of the case as well as transparent cost regulation.

It is especially during court cases that the qualities that characterise LEGASUS come into play: the necessary foresight and the right strategy. Our litigation team has made a name for itself with its successful conduct of cases over the years. Representation in court is not often a strength found in corporate law firms, but with LEGASUS, this is different.

Our creed is: only those that have excellent argumentative skills can provide outstanding consultation in commercial law. We take on your conflicts and face them head on, with our focus on the solution the entire time. All this with dignity.


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