Neu in Heilbronn
Refreshingly new. Inspiringly different.
Refreshingly new.
Inspiringly different.

LEGASUS is an agenda.
And a promise.

What we do,
what we do differently.

The name “LEGASUS” is derived from Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology. Pegasus unites the symbolic characteristics of a horse – vitality, power, vigour – with those of a bird – lightness and love of liberty. With these qualities, Pegasus can also break into new spheres. This is the fitting illustration for our spirit and for our manner of thinking and working.

We carry these winged qualities into the world of corporate and commercial law – the L, of course, stands for “lex, legis”. Our name says a great deal about who we are.

LEGASUS. Innovative corporate lawyers. Inspiringly different.

We think ahead and always with an eye on your success.

LEGASUS has only one thing in its sights: advancing our clients’ interests. Helping them reach their aims. Our job is to think outside the box and develop strategies. We work with classic legal tools as well as with innovative approaches. Many paths lead to your goals. We know all the best ones.

We are excellent listeners.

We listen very carefully when you describe your concern. We want to comprehend what the issue truly is. And we have the right experience to ask the appropriate questions and to avoid any misunderstandings.

We are understandable.

Understanding is one thing, being understood is another. LEGASUS would like to break away from the stereotype that legal speak is incomprehensible. We use concise, clear and straightforward language when speaking with you. From the first meeting until the written submissions.

Don’t panic, we can also argue, but only at a high level.

Only those that have excellent argumentative skills can provide outstanding consultation in commercial law. We take on your conflicts and face them head on, with our focus on the solution the entire time. All this with dignity.


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